Construction Sites have specialist needs from a networking and security point of view. Over the past ten years, TXW have worked with some of the largest players in the construction industry in the SW.

We are used to working to very tight deadlines, and react fast to initial orders to deliver broadband network connectivity as soon as the site gets the go ahead. We liaise with network providers, follow up to installation, ready the site for installation, set up the network for your IT tools, printers, wired connections, plotters and make sure you have site wide wi-fi with full and immediate access to all your online construction and planning tools.

Once your network is up, we can install CCTV, VOIP telephony and Access Control to keep your site fully secure, monitored and connected.

We are fast and efficient, and able to work in all kinds of challenging environments, rain or shine.  We’ll also take it all down for you when you’re finished.

To find out more about how we can help get your construction site fully networked and secure, get in touch.

07388 551961 or

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